Friday, January 27, 2006

Where is the limit?

There's this scene in the movie 'Satya' where Urmila's charactar checks out Satya's home and says (translated)

"Wow, what a nice kholi, you can at least see the sky from here."

I don't think she would have liked Hong Kong. I was reminded of this dialogue looking out of the windows of my hotel and the office here. I have decided to record my poor impressions of this city so that I do not forget them. Now I am strictly nitpicking here, so you will bear with me

1. Saw 2 beggars till now (or wait, was it the same guy i saw 2 days in a row?)

2. The view from the plane while landing was very poor since the airport is quite far from the mainland (though you wouldnt guess that from the time it took me to reach the hotel)

3. I have already talked about the view from the ground (looking up, I mean).

4. The weather! Has been extremely gloomy (But should I really hold it against the city?!)

Writing a post on this blog has never been so tough. I think I will stop now.

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