Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Go Parimarjan Go!

This guy is the new new star on the Indian sport scene. I don’t expect you, my dear reader to know since chess is not really a popular sport in India, which is a pity. At 12 years and a few months Parimarjan Negi has collected his first GM norm and is on the way to becoming the youngest GM in the world soon. Which means that he can whip my ass on the chess board, 9999 times out of 10000 (that’s my ego there).

12 Years!

Koneru Humpy is the World's 2nd highest rated woman player after Judit. In how many sports do we have someone like that? Sania, for Pete's sake, is 35th, if she hasn’t slipped a couple of more places already. Yes, but she has a better wardrobe, I will give her that. I hope Humpy has found sponsors after Bank of Baroda dumped her for Rahul Dravid. Not that I have anything against Dravid, but I were Mittal (steel, not telecom) I would turn my attention to chess and chess players (talking about his sports trust).

Chess has been one of the passions in my life. I love everything about it, the history, the politics, the personalities, games, theory and new developments. It has revealed its beauty to me gradually and every time I improve my understanding, there is a wow feeling. There's this new thing among non enthusiasts who say,

"Hey, anyways nowadays computers are better than humans at chess, so what’s the big deal".

But now I have a good answer, which I admit is not mine, but borrowed.

"The slowest cars are faster than the fastest human, so should we stop athletic events?"

There's place for everyone, even silicon chips.

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