Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dream Job

I guess all of us grow up with different versions of what they want to do with their lives. As the case with many of you I guess,I had absolutely no idea. In eighth std. I remember I told a teacher that I wanted to be an archaelogist just to piss him off. The guy was going on and on about how everybody just wanted to become doctors and engineers. He asked me what an archaelogist does, a question which I hit for a six after which he stopped his attempt at career counselling.

In XIth, I remember I told my mom that I wanted to study English Literature, since it was my favorite subject for at least 5 yrs. by then and I was already heavily into reading English Classics thanks to my Dad. She didnt discourage me but mentioned something vaguely about how I might end up as a school teacher with no money.

So I became a Civil Engineer with as much knowledge about buildings as a homo sapien who lived in 20000 B.C. Ended up with an MBA degree since I knew I didnt want to remain a bad engineer and became a sales and marketing professional because...I think it might be because I did a sales and distribution internship. Somehow, the investment banks didnt seem to fancy me. There's this song which has the line, "The most interesting 40 yr. olds still dont know what to do with their lives". I dont know whether I will be an interesting 40 yr old, but am sure that I will remain dazed and confused for life.

For sometime, last year I was seriously considering writing the Civil Services. Thankfully, better sense prevailed or maybeI am just too old and tired to start all over again at 28.Nowadays, if someone asks me about my dream job, I tell them That it is to have the job of a clerk and the pay and bonuses of a CEO.

By the way, nowadays I am an IT consultant.

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