Friday, January 13, 2006

Calling up decisions

Yesterday night I had about 15 minutes to kill till my company bus came to pick us up. Called up sis but she wasn’t picking up. Must've left her mobile in the Scooty again (at least that’s what she's been telling me!). And decided to explore my phone book for long lost friends. So the scrolling continued...

1. Nope, not him. Spoke to him just 2 days back.
2. Nope, not him. Haven’t spoken to him in 5 yrs. Don't know why I've still kept his number.
3. Nope, not him. I wish I had his job, though and I think he knows that.
4. Nope, not him. Didn't pick up my call last time and didn’t even call back.
5. Nope, not him. Nice guy, but I think he will find it strange me calling up now and all...
6. Nope, not him. We work in the same building but hardly speak to each other, don’t know why.
7. Nope, not him. I think reason no. 5 again.
8. Nope, not her. She's now married and all, probably having dinner with her husband, if not worse...
9. Nope, not him. Probably drunk and won’t recognize me.
10. Nope, not him. Just lost his job. Uncomfortable.
11. Who's this guy???
12. Nope, not him. Didn’t go to his wedding, and didn’t even explain. He must want to kill me.
13. Nope, not her. Forgot to wish her on her b'day. She had remembered mine.
14. Nope, not her. Haven’t returned her calls for some time.
15. Nope, not him. He didn’t even return my 'happy new year' sms.
16. And nope, not her...Too uncomfortable.

And so many other inane reasons. What has happened to me? These were people I could wake up in the middle of the night and get them to apologize for taking so long to pick up my call or open their doors for me.

Had to scroll till Rohit's name came up and called him up. He almost didnt pick up, said it was in silent mode. We talked about the usual stuff, our jobs, common friends and how we haven’t kept in touch, I cribbed about Hyderabad a bit and gossiped about who has made how much money and how they have all moved away to different parts of the world. Time flew. Ended up talking to him till I reached home.

Close call.

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