Friday, January 06, 2006

Soul Music

In the last two days both the autos that I got into, I had to listen to the song "Jeena Yahaan Marna Yahaan", from the Raj Kapoor movie 'Mera Naam Joker'. I hadnt got into the same auto for sure on both days and this wasn’t a recently famous track. Was this song something that these guys identified with? Behind the loud and hustling exterior, were they despondent about their lives, like in the song- "Hum hain wahin, hum the jahaan"?

A few years back, Altaf Raja's songs were a major rage- Qawwali type songs, again songs with a lot of hurt, betrayal kind of lyrics in his song. An article in a magazine said the album was a major hit with the truck drivers in the country!

We share our joys more easily than our sorrows and failures, that’s a no-brainer. Do such songs touch a deeper chord within us?

In the movie, 'Almost famous', the protagonist’s mentor tells him that all great art in this world is the work of ‘uncool’ people. It is only from betrayal, anger, hate, hurt and premature ejaculation that great art stems from.

So I looked into my mp3 player and looked at some of my recent additions:
'This Love'- Maroon 5
'In the end'- Linkin Park
'Numb'- Linkin Park
'You'r beautiful'- James Blunt
'Na Jaane Kyon'- Strings
'Hoshwaalon'- Jagjit Singh
'Tum Itna Jo'- Jagjit Singh
'Punjab'- Karunesh
'No Fear'- The Rasmus
'Love is all around me'- Wet Wet Wet
'Woh Lamhe'- Zeher

Naaaaah!!!! Nonsense!!!!

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