Friday, January 27, 2006

Chethan and Anand go to Hong Kong

To the Nunnery

Now Chethan had got himself a tourist brochure titled "Hong Kong sightseeing for businesstravellers". Needless to say I was pretty impressed but was even more impressed when I looked and found that they had categorised the "Do it yourself tours" into 3 categories

Less than 3 hr. sightseeing
3-5 hr sightseeing
More than 5 hr sightseeing

Amazing customer orientation, I think. Athithi Devo Bhava, Hong Kong style.

Its good that Chethan was along coz, even though the brochure was impressive, the weather was not and yours truly would have happily spent the weekend, dazed and confused.

So as we were nearing one of the "places of interest" chosen by Chethan (Less than 3 hrs. obviously), me rubbing hands in the bitter cold says,

" So, whats a nunnery anyway?"

" I think that's a place where they keep lots of plants and bushes and stuff"

"Thats a nursery", me says.

"Ohh..." says Chethan.

"Well, maybe we'll get to see some nice nuns", I say happily.

In the end, we saw more bushes and plants than nuns, no nuns actually at the Chin Li Nunnery (Not sure of the name now, they all seem the same to me). Chethan said they might be behind a huge locked door which said 'No Admission'.

We took some snaps (Patel snaps, Chethan said) and came back. I think we did it under 2 hrs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vegetarian Meat with Vegetarian Salted Fish

We were in a Chinese 'Vegetarian' restaurant which we had foolishly entered for dinner. The title of this post was one of theitems on the menu which had Chethan a little perplexed. He blinked. Twice.

"Maybe vegetarian restaurants mean that they also cook vegetables", I said helpfully.

In the meantime Chethan got an sms from home telling him that the Chinese considered insects as vegetables.

We searched and found a couple of dishes which sounded vegetarian, Chethan double-checking with the waiter if his order hadany fish in it, me asking the waiter to get us spoons, not chopsticks.

I could barely finish half of mine, but as usual was amazed with Chethan's propensity to finish off anything 'vegetarian'.

It was a good change anyway, from the poor indian fare that we have been eating at some of the Asian restaurants around.

It was at one of these restaurants where we were digging into some indian type food that Chethan says,

"What are these Kalus doing around here?"

There were quite a few blacks around in this particular complex. I had wondered about it too.

"Maybe they too are business travellers, like us", I said, between mouthfuls of black lentils, naan and palak paneer.

"Are you serious?" he said, and as an afterthought added,

"Maybe they are here on some OTHER kind of business" and laughed. Wink wink.

I continued eating.

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