Monday, February 13, 2006

How to Ruin a Sunday

Now you should read this as bad to worse...

7 AM: Get up. (Sleep at 3 AM previous night)

7.15 AM: Considerately send sms to colleague for information.

8 AM: Call colleague. He takes two minutes to recognize you. He asks you to come to office by 9.30 AM

10.15 AM: Come to office to work. No company bus today, so had to take 3 share autos to cover the 20 km distance from home.

Oh! I forgot to mention. Come to office to work to help out your colleagues who are behind in their work.

10.17 AM: Realize that you are still the first one to land up.

11.30 AM: They realize they don’t need your help. Yet. Please wait.

1 PM: Sorry, they expected loads of work but...Please stay till the conference call in the afternoon.

1.15 PM: You learn that the call is scheduled at 3 PM. My god, another two hours!

2 PM: Lunch? Well, we had a heavy brunch before we came. Biscuits? Sorry no thanks.

2.30 PM: Come back from lunch. Find call rescheduled to 4 PM.

3.59 PM: Postponed again to 4.30 PM. I stare intently at my colleagues. Colleagues stare intently into their computer screens.

4.31 PM: Colleagues start calling me "The Haunting Man" as I keep wandering the office halls. I try to think of my favorite things.

8 PM: Finally out of the office after the conference call which was supposed to last half an hour but dragged on for two hours. Decide to cut my losses and head straight for home.

My sincere thanks to all the blogs, news websites, and the sites (will remain unnamed) which allow illegal music downloads, who helped me get through the ordeal.

Looking forward to Monday morning blues.


MellowDrama said...

heya, thanks for the tip, pic still there, tho did dig out something interesting, those cartoons appeared in an Egyptian paper and no one's that?!

dazedandconfused said...

good question, but my dazed and confused mind refuses to rise up to the occaision. You see, am thinking about my next post which is going to be titled
"Filling up a Share Auto"
hows that?!

MellowDrama said...

Booooring...back in Mumbai we had shared cabs to Mahalaxmi and people used to swamp job profiles and fix interviews - all in the cab ;) Will Share auto be more interesting?