Thursday, February 23, 2006

Getting my Goat

Well, today I was on leave because I had a 'compensatory' off day. You see, I had worked on a Sunday a couple of week’s back. This had me really thrilled to bits and had planned a really funny post about all the reactions I have been getting from my friends whom I have considerately kept in the loop.

But then I happened to read Ms. Rashmi Bansal's latest post on my alma mater. That got my goat and ruined whatever insignificant plans I had for the rest of the evening. So wrote my comments, went to the IIM C website and posted about it in the alumni section. Then came back to YouthCurry and read through all the comments, there were about 15 by then. Also went over the blogs of the people who had written the comments. Found a couple of interesting ones. Came back and read more comments (last count- 25)

Well, am not going to criticize her post here so sorry to disappoint you. But her criticism stung. So I wondered what are the other criticisms which could potentially hurt me at a personal level. Let me see, dangerous to admit on a blog, but what the heck.

1. My family (obviously, they are the best and don't tell me otherwise)
2. BITS Pilani (my other alma mater, you cannot insult the memory of the best years of my life)
3. Chess (If you think I am crazy, I think you are stupid)
4. Aamir Khan (And NOT because of RDB)
5. Chennai (I don't know why but its my favorite city)
6. India (am out on a limb here, but yes)
7. Rock n Roll (Not the whole field, but there are a few mines you don’t dare tread on)

Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Amitabh Bachhan just missed the cut. Shahrukh who?

Hey, I just realised something. I missed mentioning myself in the list.

Or did I?


Rajesh said...

I totally agree on BITS Pilani! I simply luv it no matter what. We have the punchline at C "the best daze of my life". Its completely apt for our BITSian days!

singlewheatfemale said...

hey cool going bro. See you on the other side... thanks for visiting my blog, again. I am just too polite!! *blush* :p

dazedandconfused said...

Always nice to come across a BITsian. And I STILL have an IIM C T shirt with those lines:)

And, singlewheatfemale, thanks for not calling me uncle!

Girl said...


singlewheatfemale said...

huh? k pass... BUDDY!!! sorry was on a rolll. hamka mafi de de sarkar! :(