Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Pleasure of a Slow Start

Ok. Some background is needed here. I work in an IT company, which like many of them is located far, far, far away from the city. So, many companies including mine arrange buses to pick up their employees from various points in the city. So far so good. But, the timings are a downer in my company. 8 to 5. Which means I get on the bus around 7 since I live 18 kms away. Which means I need to get up at 6 AM. 6.20 AM, if I can do without the coffee and the newspaper.

Sure, one can go late. Its not like school where you had to go see the principal who would come around and box your ears.

But these were the following options available to me if I decided to go late or missed the bus.

-Auto->Hyderabad City bus-> Share Auto
-Auto-> Share Auto-> Share Auto-> Share Auto-> Share Auto

I wasn’t using option 3 or 4 coz' I-cannot-say-this-since-this-could-be-held-against-me. And as you may have noticed, options 1 & 2, which were my refuge, are not very inviting. But last weekend I finally went and paid up my out-of-state vehicle tax for my bike and suddenly, option 4 was now less risky (The traffic police are very vigilant on my route to office) and very viable.

Today morning, when my mobile alarm went off at 6.20 AM (there’s been no morning coffee or newspaper reading for 3 days now), I mouthed an expletive at the mobile and went back to sleep. Got up an hour and half later, stretched, yawned and showed my middle finger to my mobile to rub it in. Put on Travis on my home theatre system (can do that since mom is away) and proceeded to brush my teeth while the band Sang, Sang, Sang. To cut a long story short, made my coffee and read about Sonia Gandhi resigning her post as MP. Admired my naked self in the mirror to my hearts content and as the last song in the album (The Humpty Dumpty Song) played itself out, was actually considering applying some moisturizing lotion on my body.
Finally left at around 9 AM.

The ride wasn’t pleasant though, what with the traffic and the Hyderabad summer creeping in. I think I must have lost a couple of kgs by the time I reached office. Well, I know what I need to do to get my car on the road to office.

I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.


Fangs said...

the band sang, sang, sang...

dazedandconfused said...

fangs, you noticed! Hoped somebody would :)