Friday, March 31, 2006

Acquisition Plans

This month, I have plans to spend more money than usual. The following are the objects under consideration:

  1. Bean Bag: Have been postponing this for a long, long time now. (Update- Done, a 5 kg leatherine monster is now sitting by itself in the hall, after suffering a bum onslaught from yours truly for most part of the evening. Once, I even jumped headlong into it, as a despo husband might jump upon his hapless newly wed wife on their conjugal night. Yes, we kissed).
  2. Air Cooler: Hyderabad summer, what else. My AC’s in mom’s room and I think an air cooler should do the job anyway in this dry climate. There isn’t an AC vent in my stupid room anyway. Checked out a couple of models today. Not happy with the way they and their price tags looked. But this isn’t an option. I don’t want to melt.
  3. Digital Camera: Yes, can you believe it? I still don’t own one! Have zeroed in on Nikon Coolpix L3 (5 Megapixel, 3X Zoom, 512 SD Ram) which is gonna cost me 13000 bucks if I buy it from JJ Mehta in Mumbai. Anybody have any better ideas on where I could get a better deal on the same cam? And don’t show me locations outside the country.
  4. Trip to Kanha Tiger Reserve (and back of course, I don’t plan to be eaten): Ok, you can stop laughing now. When I come back and show you pictures of me holding a tigress’s tail, you will realise that I was serious. This should be a 3-day, 2 nights travel package. Kanha is in MP and is supposed to be the place from where Rudyard Kipling drew his portrait of Mowgli and Sher Khan’s forest. The idea actually germinated in me because of this book I am reading right now, ‘Tigers in Red Weather’, by Ruth Padel. It’s a travel book, for the most part, where the author describes her journeys and experiences tracking and studying tigers and tiger conservation across nature reserves in many countries. I know I need to be really lucky to spot a tiger on this trip, if it ever materializes, but hell, I need the break anyway. Actually this trip somewhat depends on the result of acquisition No. 3. If I buy the cam, it’s a great incentive to go tiger hunting with it. If I don’t buy it, would I go to a wildlife reserve without a camera, I don’t think so.
    And you can join in if you want but there are certain conditions:
    -You are a good-looking female. If not, you should be someone I like (Sorry sis, you are excluded, though you fulfil both these conditions)
    -I get to decide everything on and about the trip. The buck stops with me. As Rajnikant might have said, "Naa woru dhadwa sonna, noor dhadwa sonna madhri (If I say something once, its like saying it a hundred times!) You get the idea.
    -Of course, you pay your share.

Watch this space.

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MellowDrama said...

heya...hope some of that worked out!! All the best!