Sunday, December 03, 2006

Going Away

I should be travelling out of the country in the near future on a new assignment and spending considerable time away. Work has been uncharacteristically heavy these last couple of months trying to smooth-manage this transition. First to go was the gym as I gave up my regular visits and worried about looking like a famine stricken landless laborer. Next to go were the guitar classes. This withdrawal was tougher but required. I know enough now to venture out on my own and that’s the only way I will progress. Reading and jogging suffered as well but I managed the half marathon anyway reasoning that my perfect training schedule would never executed and I might as well get on with it. Reading became slower than it already was. I hope Amartya Sen doesn’t feel insulted. Dada, last chapter left. Promise, will finish it today. As for blogging, well, you guys be the judge.

Anyways, warm underwear and guitar case has been bought and I am all set, well almost. There are people to meet, good-byes to be said and things to worry about.

But life goes on.

Yesterday, attended a Shiamak Davar dance show where a close relative was performing. The show was a culmination of the classes that the SD academy conducted in the city for the last two months. It was fun, especially watching the juniors and kids in the age group of 4-6 dance. Mention must be made of one cool four-year-old who sat down on the stage and refused to move a muscle till the music stopped. If I were his dad, I would have been so proud. So many people dance and earn a living. It must be a different life.

Apologize for this brief post, but I have made a promise to Amartya Sen.

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