Sunday, December 10, 2006

Amsterdam Airport, Two Days Ago

Most of these airports abroad look the same to me. Everybody says they are nice, which they are, but they are all the same, and if you've seen one, you've probably seen them all. If you want an adventure, come to the Hyderabad airport, or as somebody I know said, the Hyderabad cowshed.

I am just sitting in one of these lounges, half listening to the announcements being made about people whose luggage will be offloaded if they don't rush to their Gates. Some people are biting into their breakfast and I am wondering if I should take the trouble as well. Will I need to change currency, I wonder. Couple of Indian families around with small kids who take turns in raising up the decibel levels in the otherwise quiet setting. Now and then a pretty woman passes by and I look up and stare.

My flight until now has been kind of OK. Watched a decent movie called 'Invincible' about Vincent Papole, a football star in the 1980s. I like these sports related movies- they tend to get repetitive after a point but its a genre which I can comfortably go back to.

Pretty Woman.

Ok, also listened to the new album of John Mayer. The info tab said the songs were now more mature from his earlier album but they are just slower. A second time listening might help, but no instantaneous gratification. Aren't we all looking for that?

Old Man with pot belly.

I have also been reading a book 'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Dr. Brian Weiss where he's talking about his experiences about helping a patient who came to him for psychiatric help. Under hypnotic regression she talks about her past lives- 86 of them according to her, and Weiss tries to convince the reader that reincarnation as a concept may not be mumbo jumbo after all.

Of course reincarnation is a oft beaten subject in Hindu philosophy and Bollywood movies, where at least the former I am not well versed with, unfortunately. I think this book might just be the catalyst that I needed to do a bit more reading into the Bhagavad Gitas, Upanishads and the like. Quite ironical it would be, if I started reading Hindu literature when I have left the country.

Big Black Man.


Kurur said...

All the best D&C!

Quicksilver! said...

Lovely writing.I could feel your boredom:)))I love airports, all of them:))))(Haven't been to Hyderabad airport, yet)
Happy traveling!;)))

P:S:That book on reincarnation by Dr Wiess gave me the mother of all headaches!

dazedandconfused said...

Thanks Kurur!

Thanks qs. Haven't finished the book yet, so don't discourage me! :)