Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pregnant and Sick

The Bai who works at our home is pregnant. There is nothing remarkable about her. I see her if at all, only on weekends. She comes in, does the dishes, cleans the floor and leaves without making her presence felt. I don’t think I have heard her speak.

A few days back, we had gone out to dinner at Muppidi’s to celebrate a small occasion. After we had eaten more than we should have and less than we had ordered, the topic suddenly changed to Bai’s. I remarked how the one’s in Bombay now carry mobile phones and are on the speed dials of my friends. My sister remarked about how she was used to be woken up and given bed tea by her counterpoint in Chennai. And Mum remarked how she had seen our current Bai scrape out rice from the bottom of the vessel kept for cleaning and carry it home. At that moment the waiter interrupted and I signed the overpriced cheque.

We decided to pack the generous leftovers from that dinner. Not that it made me feel any better.

Oh, and I won the Chess tournament I played in last weekend and promptly fell sick the next day. The good thing about falling sick is that one finally gets around to doing sub optimal stuff that one wouldn’t normally do but should. So I read a few chapters of Sen’s ‘The Argumentative Indian’ and was surprised that it was quite readable and not as academically obtuse as I feared it would be. I also wrote a crappy, Sick Poem when I was feeling particularly, er, crappy.

Sick Poem

I am sick today
Feeling under the weather
But not so bad
As I was yesterday
Or the day before.

Tomorrow I will be all right
And go to office as usual.
Check my email
Attend meetings
And conference calls.

I am sick today
And stayed at home.
No, no, it’s not what you think
It’s a public holiday;
Ganesh Chaturthi is today.

I lay in bed
And read all day.
My mp3 player’s conked off
While my internet connection
Needs renewal.

I am sick today
But I will be
Better tomorrow.

P.S. And continuing on our Guitar Torture series here’s a D&C attempt at that evergreen song from QSQT.


Kurur said...

The poetry is sensational! :-D

Anonymous Coward said...

Why dont you set it to tune?

dazedandconfused said...

kurur: thanks, and how's texas treatin you?!

anonymous coward: it is :) am just playin it bad :p Actually the song sounds better in A rather than C but its easier in C :p

Kusum Rohra said...

Heh he he he !!! What a sick poem indeed !! :P

And hey! will you stop bragging and show offing and jealousing people like me (with all your guitar skills) :P

You know what, our maid was pregnant too, but last week she got a abortion done, and I think I know as much as there is to know about my maid, because many a mornings are spent getting chatty with her. Infact when she told me it was an unwanted pregnancy, MoI gave her gyan on contraceptives. Tee hee.

dazedandconfused said...

I don't intend to brag or show off, and anyway, as seen by anonymous's comment, I am in no position to do so.

Its like a project milestone and keeps me motivated to practice regularly.