Monday, April 17, 2006


They are here!

I am no foodie. My most famous words spoken as a ten-year-old were, "Eating and bathing are a waste of time." Uncles and aunts never fail to mention this fact before we run out of conversation.

But I love mangoes. Eating them. Don’t ask me about all the various types of mangoes, when they come, when they go, where they grow and that entire finer nuance. I love eating them all. Period.

As standalone fruit for desert, or give it to me with sambhar rice or even (gosh!) curd rice. Mango shake, slurp. Mango juice, slurp slurp. Its going to be a mango a day for me till the end of the season now.

They are still not sweet enough in the market nowadays, a bit on the sour side but then I don’t wear my food critic hat when it comes to mangoes. I think I would probably eat up a bitter gourd if it dressed up as a mango.

Somebody has to peel and cut them for me though. And I don’t eat around the seed. Heh heh…you know me. Incorrigible.

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singlewheatfemale said...

hehehe still dazed...
but good to find a fan of the fruit, like me..:p