Sunday, March 04, 2007

When the going gets tough...

A friend of mine told me a bit of his story today. His dad lost almost all his wealth and spirit in an ill-fated venture into a restaurant business in the eighties while he was in school.

“I have been paying my own way since high school.”

He learnt typing and screen printing while he was in school.

“I worked four years as a night receptionist in a lodge in Bangalore while doing my engineering.”

He used to get up every day at 6 AM, catch the bus out to his college 29 kms. away. Come back at 4, sleep till 10 and work as a receptionist till 5 before it was time for a brand new day.

“Yeah, Sundays were off till the third year when we had to stay back for lab on Tuesdays.”

He earned extra money making ID cards for 3000 students of his engineering college students and staff. He charged Rs. 4 per card while it cost him 28 paise.

“It was good money”, he smiled.

Both of us are not the type who would naturally gravitate towards each as we have nothing in common. But in a foreign country one grabs whoever one gets, I guess. Just a couple of nights back I found myself opening up to another temporary but convenient ear and say things I haven’t told many.

Tough times teach us a lot and mould us in more ways than we realize. Keep them coming.

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