Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some More Chess and Stuff

This post was written three days ago but couldn’t post it due to an internet connectivity issue.

We won! We won! We won! But, of course…:)

Won the finals today. I won all my games in the tournament, obviously. My teammates, two of them pitched in with good wins and draws as well. Couple of hiccups with the organization of the event, some chaos, but all in all, great fun. Today’s game was the most challenging one, though I was never in any danger of losing at any point of time. Played the Sicilian Dragon after a long break. One hardly gets to play the classical dragon at the amateur level since many white players prefer to play Bc4 and d3 when faced with 1..c5, thereby avoiding the pawn exchange on d4 which characterizes every classical Sicilian variation. Anyways, a nicely timed pawn sacrifice on e5 ended in me going an exchange up. Exchanges all around led to a rook vs bishop ending with about 4 pawns each. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Boozed today with colleagues. I got a little bored by the company and conversation though, which was surprising coz normally I am very lenient in such situations. Everybody cribbed about their jobs and bitched about other colleagues for most of three hours. I am generally happy with gulping my beer and laughing at jokes which others crack but there’s only so much Ma Behen gaalis and references to specific body parts that I can listen to in one evening. I had half a mind to leave in the middle but that would have been rude, na? Instead roughed it out and was quite sleepy and releived by the time we wrapped it all up.

These days I am running short of words for these posts. Hell, it’s not the first time. See ya later.

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